Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lunchtime read: The Heart-Keeper - post I

Francoise Sagan is a writer capable of delivering haunting romantic tales that focus on just a couple of characters but extend beyond that small circle of people.

The reason is that the themes of her stories are universal – love, jealously and the urge to possess someone that is thinking of moving away from you.

This story starts with a 45 year-old Hollywood script writer. Sagan draws attention to the age of the main female character several times to underline the fact she is not a young woman and comes with a degree of experience.

Things start with Dorothy speeding along with Paul on the way to a sexual rendezvous that is interrupted after a young man on LSD jumps out in front of their car.

Dorothy decides to let Lewis, the young man with a handsome face, come and stay with her upsetting Paul who points out quite reasonably that she knows nothing about him.

More tomorrow…

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