Friday, January 18, 2008

Children's must read book lists

One of the people I work with who has responsibility for blogs gave the advice that if you want to get people interested come up with a list. That mantra seems to have been taken to heart by more than just bloggers with Channel 4 dedicating a chunk of its scheduling to programmes about lists and the newspapers doing the same.

So it was no surprise that the Telegraph ran a story about the books children should read, sparked off by an article by Michael Morpurgo. Of course any concerned parent would click on and check which ones they had on their bookshelves. Plus those academics or opinionated readers would keep the letters pages and forums ticking over with the usual responses about “how could you have missed off?” and add their recommendations.

Getting children reading anything is a positive result so those looking for inspiration or for a chance to add their own recommendations to the list can click onto the paper’s online debate here.

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