Sunday, January 13, 2008

bookmark of the week

One of the benefits of living on the edge of London is that occasionally you can go into the City and see some of the sights. Having booked it ages ago the family popped into town to see the Terracotta Army exhibition at the British Museum. The exhibition was packed and it reminded me of the Tutankhamen exhibition at the O2 in that there was not that much there. Of course the figures were impressive but there wasn’t much else apart from the figures in the centre of the exhibition and the crowds made it impossible almost to see what other bits and pieces were there.

Glad I went but it seems to be that the more the hype about an exhibition then the more chances there are of not a great deal being there. Plus with bronze bookmarks on sale at £8.99 it seemed rather off to be expected to pay more than a book just to get a bookmark. Still at one of the museum’s other shops this much cheaper bookmark was available.

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