Sunday, January 06, 2008

bookmark of the week

With the exhibition only being a few minutes down the road I finally took the decision to visit the Tutankhamun And the Golden Age of the Pharaohs exhibition at the 02 Dome in Greenwich. The tickets were expensive and the gift shop extortionate – this bookmark was £2.95 or just shy of $6. The exhibition itself was airy and rather stretched out making it no doubt feel bigger than it actually needed to be. On the positive side it did tell a story about the background to the emergence of Tutankhamun that was mostly fresh information for me and most of the other visitors but on the downside the exhibits from the Tutankhamun era were not as extensive as you expected and instead of the legendary death mask this golden coffinette for the viscera of King Tut was the main highlight, which is shown on the bookmark.

Beautiful things from an amazing period of history but maybe it should have been handled by a proper museum rather than housed in a palace of entertainment.

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