Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The positive experience of podcast listening

At first the idea of listening to podcasts filled me not only with scepticism but a bit of dread because it is another drain on time. But after having tried it now for a few weeks it is fair to say there are some fantastic things out there. One of the advantages of the iTunes podcasting list is that there is an option to subscribe to weekly podcasts from well beyond your normal geographical horizons.

My favourites are:

* The Book Review by the New York Times weekly look at the world of books and authors. It has some great interviews but what is really good about it is the way it is so accessible.
* The Penguin podcast is obviously a chance for the publisher to market its books but it also provides an insight into the people who work at the company
* Books on Guardian Unlimited can sometimes be a bit long winded but again provides a discussion that does get you thinking rather than just tuning out.

There might well be others out there, iTunes Meet The Author occasionally posts something, but those above are regular enough to make it worth while subscribing.


Hal said...

There are few better than "Bookworm" an 1/2 interview each week which are available on iTunes.

simon quicke said...

Thanks for the tip I've subscribed and will have a listen.