Sunday, December 30, 2007

bookmark of the week

With this being the last bookmarks of the week of 2007 it seemed like a good moment to pick three that have been interesting.

The Swiss Edelweiss was picked up in Interlaken on holiday and reminds me not only of a great time this summer in Switzerland but also my wedding – my wife wore Edelweiss in her hair on that magical day.

The literary event of the year for most in the publishing world was the publication of the final Harry Potter book. This bookmark reminds me of standing in a queue until 1.45am to buy the book. The atmosphere was incredible bearing in mind this is a book and screaming teenagers and police controlling the crowds might not be something I get to see again connected with a book.

Finally, this hand painted bookmark was something my wife contributed to the collection and it reminds you of a rural England. I have always lived in large towns or cities but the idea of living in the country with a little house with a real fire and a dog still captivates.

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