Monday, December 24, 2007

bookmark of the week

After a business meeting a couple of weeks ago that took me to Reading there was a chance to stop off at the Paddington bear stall at Paddington Station and pick up these bookmarks. With the release of another book in the series, which appears to be tackling the sensitive issues of immigration the bear from darkest Peru is back in the news right now. The new book plus the Marmite advert have done a fair bit to remind people about the existence of the little bear that needed looking after.


Anonymous said...

I had not looked at your bookmark posts for a while and went through all of them. I love the way you use them to chronicle your travels and interests, and also the comparisons you make between US, UK and other countries' bookmarks. I look forward to more in the coming year. --Another bookmark collector

Simon Quicke said...

Thanks since posting about bookmarks I have discovered a world of collectors out there. It has been a real revelation.
Thanks for reading and commenting.