Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time to remember

It somehow doesn’t seem appropriate to do a bookmark today so will post one tomorrow. Walking through the park my son asked me why we were wearing poppies and a lot of other people were not. I told him that some people did not want to remember the past and others might not know about what happened. It is a shame that those men and women died and continue to die for people that do not seem to care.

Before The Charge

The night is still and the air is keen,
Tense with menace the time crawls by,
In front is the town and its homes are seen,
Blurred in outline against the sky.

The dead leaves float in the sighing air,
The darkness moves like a curtain drawn,
A veil which the morning sun will tear
From the face of death. – We charge at dawn.

Patrick MacGill

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