Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lunchtime read: A Hero's Daughter

After a while of doing the same thing you get used to it, even if it feels a little bit like a chore sometimes. So it was without a great deal of thought that a slim volume was popped in the work bag for the lunchtime read. The only problem was that meetings interfered a little bit so only the very start was consumed.

The start links together the hero of the Soviet Union and the nurse who saves his life by holding a mirror under his mouth. He manages to seek her out with his eyes and then his body as he recovers. The war is at that stage when the Russians are pushing back the Germans and making inroads into villages that have been destroyed by their enemy.

Having recovered the hero is sent back to his unit and the pair part but not before he promises to return and marry her and take her to his village after the war – something she does not seem to resist.

More tomorrow…

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