Friday, November 02, 2007

The Crossing - post V

The story starts to become clearer with the brothers having taken back their own horse from the doctor who was attending on the dead girl and then trying to work out where the horse was purchased.

They trace a horse dealer but by the time they get to the town they are out of money, in a sorry state and their relationship seems to be on the brink of breaking down as a result of mistrust – Boyd being a bit more immature than Billy who is prepared to play a waiting game.

Thoughts on pages 191 – 261

The boys get another step closer to finding out who sold their horse and who killed their parents but get side tracked by the appearance of a young girl who they save from probable rape at the hands of two men. Boyd takes a shine to her and lends her his horse so she can go back and visit her mother.

Then they have a stroke of luck and come across all but two of the horses that were stolen including their father’s horse. They take them back but are quickly disposed of them at gunpoint. But the brothers pursue the horses and make a more forceful claim for them and are given them. The only problem is that not everyone is happy for them to be reunited.

There is a real feeling of weighing up the risks and is it worth taking the horses but then having to risk attack and possibly death to get them back all the miles it will take to get home? It’s a bit like the question that is asked in No Country for Old Men when keeping the drug money is also a death sentence but one too tempting to not try to chance the luck over.

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