Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Castle in the Forest - post V

If you buy into the idea that the reason that Hitler did what he did was because he was walking hand in hand with the devil then this book must have you nodding along in that sort of ‘told you so’ agreement. If however you think that history and human nature is a bit more complicated than that then this starts to read like a perverted fairy tale.

After hinting that Hitler and the old bee keeper were going to become friends – the kind that has an old man leaving his knee on the young boy’s leg – the focus shifts to Russia with the coronation of Nicholas II.

The loving and godly tsar is almost beyond the reach of the demons so they try to make his coronation or at least the days after it marred by some act that they can influence.

Meanwhile the bees are progressing in the farm and Alois and Adolf are both interested in what will happen to the bees and the order and society within the hives seems to be interesting Hitler in a way that will become all too evident when he reaches power later on, particularly over the aspect of the weakest not deserving to live.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the intersting review, you have done well in getting to the point, i was facinated with the subject howeveri have my reservations too as to what influences history ,perhaps Norman Mailer meant that in irony