Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lunchtime read: Saturday

Sadly at the rate of just 20 odd pages a day this is not going to get read as quickly as I hoped. It might be about one day in the life but it might well take more than a week in the consuming.

The more you find out about Henry, the central figure, the more you can’t help but like him. The second part of chapter one details how he met his wife Rosalind. As a 19 year -old law graduate suffering from a brain tumour he met her in the ward and wooed her and after finally shuffling into replaced the relationship she had with her dead mother he recognises that he will have to marry her.

He waits for his daughter to come later that Saturday evening. He seems to like as well as want to be a fatherly protector of his daughter who is trying her hand at trying to become a poet.

The sounds of nearby Euston road start to mount and even on a Saturday morning London starts to get into full swing and while McEwan makes the comment that sun rises are for rural landscapes the sound of traffic is the capital’s equivalent.

More, hopefully a bit more, tomorrow…

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