Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lunchtime read: A Clockwork Orange

The book reaches an interesting point because Alex is split from the others and it then becomes a question of how brave are you when you are alone and not part of a crowd. It seems that Alex is not that brave at all and although the police do their fair share to make him feel uncomfortable he sings like a canary when it comes to getting his confession.

The highlights from the pages between 40 odd and 60 includes the disintegration of Alex’s gang, who decide after he shows them no respect and even hits Dim, that they will not take it anymore.

They lead him into a trap, encouraging him to raid an old women’s home. But the burglary doesn’t go according to plan and Alex is caught in a struggle and ends up cracking the old dear on the skull. As he opens the door to stumble out and get the other members of the gang inside they hit him and the sirens are getting closer indicating that he is about to be caught.

Sure enough he is caught, beaten and then sent down. In a matter of paragraphs two years has passed and Alex is busy sucking up to the chaplain hoping for an early release if he is good and turns religious. He asks to be put forward for a radical programme that will ensure he never re-offends again. Although the prison governor and the chaplain are unsure about it Alex looks like pressing for it.

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