Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lost for words

Far be it for me to blow a bit of a toy trumpet but it seems that perhaps someone does read this blog after all. Back in September last year I made the following suggestion:

If anyone from Channel 4 is reading this blog then following on from Jamie Oliver’s fat kids and Ian Wrights Unfit Kids then maybe the next in the series could be something like Philip Pullman’s illiterate kids? It makes sense after this week’s disappointing Key Stage 3 performance in reading to get out there and highlight the problem teenagers are having with reading.
If nothing else there is surely the attraction of a spin-off – How to get your child to read – type book that will sell in droves and get parents interested in the issue

Lo and behold the series Lost for Words, an attempt to get children into reading, starts on Channel 4 on Monday 22 October. Let's hope it does the job.


Anonymous said...

I have an 11 year old that reads fine now. But since the age of five there have been three different schemes to get them to read, Letterland,another one i carnt remember and then ruth miskin which had my daughter really frustrated. In the end i taught her at home the way i had been taught, she is a right bookworm now.
My 6 year old has currently been using the ruth miskin scheme since nursery, and is really strugling to read, and this with a lot of extra work at home.He is on first sentance books,there are no voluntry parents to listen to them read in school.Plus teachers have training on ruth miskin scheme, but how can parents help their child if we dont understand how they teach this scheme?

simon quicke said...

I know what you mean there is a tremendous feeling of pressure to get them to learn to read but very little clear idea about how parents should be doing it. I find that you stumble through the phonics stuff wondering when it will translate into proper words. One friend tells me it will suddenly 'click' but in the meantime it is a painful struggle to try and work out how to help them without contradicting what they are being taught in the classroom. Good luck with it and who knows maybe the Channel 4 programme will help.