Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Three Men in a Boat - post III

The book comes to an end and while it has been enjoyable it has not aged that well. It is more Last of the Summer Wine than Saturday Night Live and although the humour is gentle it is perhaps too of its time. That is not to say it is a failing but it doesn't quite live up to the billing on the dust jacket.

Bullet points between pages 150 - 185

* Throughout there is a potted history being given of the places that Kings fought, were buried and had an influence but it is told in a 1066 and All That type way with the emphasis very much on the personal and quirky side of history

* Having moaned earlier about steam launches when they get offered a lift by one Jerome moans a great deal about the slowness of the rowers on the river and even comments that they have to shout and blow the whistle to get any movement

* No love is lost for Reading, which is described as a dirty town that fouls the water, and they seem relieved when they past it and near the end of the Thames journey getting ready to head home but as they turn around from Oxford the weather worsens

* After one night in the rain, with the food ruined and morale getting worse they head through the drizzle to Pangbourne and after a brief discussion abandon the boat and head to the station to get a train back to London

* Back in civilisation they eat to their hearts content and raise their glasses to 'Three men no longer in a boat' a toast that even the dog joins in with

A review will follow shortly...

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