Monday, September 10, 2007

Mr Pye - post III

Poor old Mr Pye struggles to work out the impact on his person of good and evil hoping that by swinging the balance in the negative direction he will force his wings to disappear. Unlike the battle between Titus Groan and Steerpike this contest to stick to the right path is fought in the single man with the result of him appearing to frighten those who know him by his wild character changes.

Bullet points between pages 140 – 214

* Mr Pye consults a series of doctors on Harley Street but none of them know how to react to his wings, which continue to grow, so Pye tries to come up with the answer to the problem himself

* He decides that he has been given the wings because he was being so Godly so the way to get rid of them is to go to the other extreme and start being evil so he walks out of his hotel without paying the bill and do some minor vandalism

* Heading back to Sark his evil attempts continue and he turns up and disturbs Miss Dredger with his rudeness and then a series of events happen as a result of people witnessing his wings with Miss George having a heart attack and falling down the stairs winding up at the bottom dead and a local witnessing Pye’s shadow and getting carted off to the local asylum

* To get rid of the wings Mr Pye starts nightly sessions with the devil and soon enough it starts to work but as he walks along with Miss Dredger he complains of having been bitten again twice but this time on the forehead

* Peake doesn't take as long to describe the growing of the horns and all of a sudden Pye is faced with this difficulty balancing good and evil and realises that he never understoof his relationship with God at all properly

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