Friday, August 17, 2007

This is the plan...

In about ten minutes the family and myself at the whell head off for a two week break in Switzerland crossing over on the ferry and then driving across France. The reading for the next couple of weeks might well be erratic but each of the books will have a Swiss theme and where possible something that links in with the Berner Oberland where we will spend some time.

Week one will include Sherlock Homes Memoirs building up to the moment Holmes meets his nemesis at a waterfall not too far from where we intend staying.

Week two will include Imposture by Benjamin Markovits, which was suggested as the book to read by the Financial Times, when it did its books of the world feature earlier this summer.

There might also be something from Swiss Family Robinson but possibly not - this is meant to be a holiday and most of my reading time will be guidebooks and camp site shop opening hour notices

Hope you are all having a good summer...

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