Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lunchtime read: Around the World in Eighty Days

With 52 of the 80 days gone and the worst of the journey apparently over it looks like Fogg will make it with a few hours to spare as he travels from San Francisco to New York by train, New York to Liverpool by boat and then onto London by train. But you sense it will not be as easy as that.

Chapters XXIII to XXV

Passepartout has left the steamer and is trying to get money to get out of Japan and onto America and in the meantime Fogg has arrived in Japan and set off to find his servant. They meet and join the steamer and head off to the US but Passepartout decides not to reveal what happened with the detective Fix.

Then he meets Fix on board the steamer and after hitting him several times the detective explains that although he now has an arrest warrant he can only get his hands on Fogg when he is back in London so he is going to work with them to make sure he gets there. So they land in San Francisco and get involved with a scuffle over electing a Justice of the Peace and Fogg fights with a man he vows to come back and settle accounts with.

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