Thursday, August 30, 2007

Holiday read - Imposture - post III

Encouraged by the publisher to write a travel memoir that is actually about someone that everyone will want to know about - Lord Byron - Polidori manages to rustle up some reflections that start to give an idea of the personality that seems to have over shadowed his own.

Bullet points between chapters seven to nine

* Eliza decides to tell her sister about her date at the theatre as she gets dressed but in her own determined way refuses to give details and ends up going in a dress that does little to flatter her but sets off in a flutter hoping she will see the man she has determined to love

* Meanwhile Polidori has been told by the publisher that is he goes off an writes a memoir about Byron's travels then he will be paid handsomely for his efforts but in the meantime there is the theatre to get through and after being pushed through protesters moaning about ticket prices Polidori, ever emotional sits in the box

* He sees Eliza and there seems to be a connection across the theatre but when the publisher mentions going over and introducing him he resists because of course his cover will be blown and then in the second act watching a powerful acting performance he faints and misses the end of the play so avoids Eliza all together

* Following the performance Eliza manages to get the courage the day after to visit Polidori, who she still thinks is Byron, in his rooms and profess undying love asking the poet to do with her what he will and she leaves happier than ever before with Polidori himself starting to understand the power that Byron has enjoyed over women

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