Monday, July 09, 2007

Lunchtime read: Scoop

All through the book there is the ideea that even in the most brazen lie there might be an element of truth and the moral seems to be that if you are kind, trusting and perhaps a little bit stupid then amazing things can happen to you –almost Forrest Gump style.

Highlights from chapter five
With Boot now the journalist of the moment with scoops coming out of all directions his ytavelling companion from the plane, train and boat reappears and seems to be the lychpin in deciding the future direction of the country. He exploits the drunken madness of the Swedish doctor who smashes up the president’s palace and as a result smashes up the counter revolution. Boot gets the use of a private wires service to keep the office in touch and his time in Ishmaelia is drawing to a close.

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