Monday, July 23, 2007

Lunchtime read: The House on the Embankment

I’m determined to finish this book today because it feels as if it has been hanging around for a long time. That’s not fair but it certainly has not been the flowing read that I had hoped. Partly that is because it is asking you as a reader some pretty heavy questions about whether or not you would make the brave turn at the crossroads or save your skin and get through by letting down friends and family.

This is part one of the final post and the rest should come later…

Highlights between pages 114 – 134
Glebov doesn’t know what to do about making his speech against his prospective father-in-law at the Academic Institute meeting so he asks Lev’s advice who tells him to dump Sonya (he wants her after all) and then as he waits and the pressure mounts his grandmother does him a favour and dies making it impossible for Glebov to go anywhere on that Thursday leaving you wondering what happened because he himself had ruled that option of not attending out because it would do nobody any good

Final chunk later…

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