Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lunchtime read: The House on the Embankment

Love is in the air as Glebov finally declares his feelings for Sonya but will it last? Already there have been narrative clues indicating that it will not. Then Trifonov uses another voice, as yet unidentified, to describe Glebov from the outside and it is a damming appraisal describing him as a “nothing” person who is neither one thing or another and going through life as a successful nonentity.

Highlights from pages 64 – 88
Left alone in her parent’s dacha Sonya and Glebov finally falls into each other’s arms and get down to it. They keep their secret for a while but finally the mother finds out but is in denial about the affair. Then the narrative voice changes and it is an admirer of Sonya describing Glebov who he clearly struggles to like and reveals he is a nonentity and tries to please everyone.

You sense there is some real tension with two rivals for Sonya’s affections with Glebov possibly heading for some problems with his rival.

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