Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lunchtime read: The House on the Embankment

Things at work are always manic as we put the magazine to bed so there has been little chance to do any reading over the lunch break. Even if I had tried there might well have been a lynching had I sat there for too long with my nose in a book.

Although this book has barely started there are comparisons that can be made to Cat & Mouse by Gunter Grass that also covers the topic of one boy remembering the superiority of a friend at school.

Highlights from pages 14 - 32
Glebov remembers more about his friend Lev and how he was able to entice the friendship of almost anyone he wished and even undermined the ont thing that Glebov had to offer, which was exploiting his mother's job at the cinema to get his friends in for free. Lev it turns out has the film on his own reel and can watch it at home. Still on a childhood theme Glebov remembers a family of thugs that lived in his building and made life hell for various people until one day they killed their dog and the family seemed to fall apart and dissapear into the wind

More tomorrow...

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