Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life and Fate - post VII

Not much read today because I met a colleague on the train and then fell asleep it is non-stop at work at the moment. There is a sense of the disconnect between the military and the political with the later believing that because they are party disciples they are somehow more worthy than generals. That difference in opinion naturally causes tension but there is a blindness that comes from arrogance that the politicals are on the side of right that gives them carte blanche to be hypocrites as well as lecturers.

Bullet points between pages 440 - 500

* The story follows the German camp commander as he visits the first construction of a gas chamber and discovers the extent of the amibtion to wipe out the Jews and that provides Grossman with a chance to warn about the evils of going along with the holocaust

* Viktor discovers that the head of the scientific academy has been encouraged to stand down and there have been other changes that penalise those who are not in favour by the regime

* Viktor starts showing his frustration in a way that could potentially cost him more than his job and his inability to control his tongue loses him friendships and his relationship with his daughter is under strain for similar reasons

* Near the front Getmanov is a whirlwind getting round the generals and staff upsetting them and making sure they realise that whatever they do on the battlefield means very little

* Krymov recovers from his head wound and has to write a report about his experience in Stalingrad and discovers that he seems to have fallen out of favour with the reader guessing that earlier comments Getmanov made about his war record probably being the reason why

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