Saturday, June 09, 2007

weekend paper round-up

Having just read a review in The Times of Gunter Grass's new book The Onion Peeled it has only just come to my attention that The Tin Drum is seen as the first in a Danzig trilogy with Cat & Mouse and Dog Years being the other two books. Wish I'd known that before reading them in a slightly wrong order, not that it matters too much. But you do start to wonder if Cat & Mouse had been easier to get to grips with if The Tin Drum had been consumed first.

Apart from that review there are not too many other things that caught the eye in the newspapers. Quite a lot of coverage of the Orange prize and the usual book sections but in the main body of the broadsheets not a great deal.

The only source of debate - and its purely from a how many have you read/or would you buy point of view - is the list of the top 50 best holiday books in the Independent (trying to find a link and will post if successful). The only thing that strikes you glancing through is that it seems to be a healthy mix of classic and contemporary literature, which is a good thing with most of these sorts of lists just being the top ten in the bookshops.

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