Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lunchtime read: The Big Sleep

The loneliness that Sara Patesky wrote about in her article in the Saturday is all too evident as Marlowe sits in his office and wonders what he will do with his time. Luckily for him the phone rings to break the monotony.

Highlights from chapters XXI to XXV

* The Sherwood’s butler contacts Marlowe to tell him that having read newspaper reports about the murderers being found they assume the case is closed and will pay $500 for the trouble the detective has gone to

* Marlowe starts to become increasingly interested in what did happen to Rusty Regan so heads out to see Eddie Mars at his night club and gambling joint to find out what he knows

* Mars coughs up almost no information but Rusty’s ex-wife is gambling for high stakes and Marlowe goes through to watch her and is then on hand to protect her when a stick up man tries to get the money back she has won for the casino

* She melts in Marlowe’s arms but he continues to ask her what Eddie Mar’s has on her and so she demands he drives her home and she runs into the general’s mansion and closes the door

* The next encounter is with the younger sister Carmen who is waiting for Marlowe in his bed naked and the detective slings her out and then destroys the bed she lay on because it soils his living area

* Next is an encounter with someone who has been tailing Marlowe for two days a man who finally gets the courage to come and lay out his business which involves leading Marlowe to Mrs Mars who was meant to have fled with Rusty but in fact never managed to do so because the bootlegger had been killed by Mars

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