Friday, May 04, 2007

Lunchtime read: Seymour: an Introduction

Accepting defeat this book is not going to be finished today and so the second third has been read rather than the second half and the enbd will have to come tomorrow. After a rather mixed start you still feel like shouting to the writer "get on with it" and begging him to cut to the chase.

highlights from the second third of Seymour: an Introduction
* Buddy explains that his brother Seymour loved Japanese and Chinese poetry and he has a collection of his brother's poems that the family is pressuring him to print and potentially make public

* He describes the frustration his failure to print the poems has caused and also shares some of his life story describing himself as a virtual recluse teaching english to students and writing in a home near the Canadian border

* Then he sketches some of the family history with the mother and father orginally being musical hall stars who finally settled down when they had several children and the father got a job in radio

The final third comes tomorrow...

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