Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Lunchtime read: Cat & Mouse

Not much reading down this lunchtime but the character painting of Mahlke continues with a few extra details, some that are not necessarily essential but add to the background.

Bullet points between pages 28 – 43

* Because of his ability to dive down and retrieve various objects from the sunken boat Mahlke continues to be a constant member of the boys at the boat although he is never quite one of them

* He manages to stand you again not just because of the size of his Adam’s apple but because of the size of his penis, which is the largest in the group by some inches, but even then he doesn’t seem to care too much

* One of his preoccupations is to hide his overly large Adam’s apple and so he starts wearing things round his neck and then attacks a visiting boy to the school who does a cartoon of him exaggerating his weakness

Hard to see where this story of a loner with a large Adam’s apple and penis is going but more tomorrow…

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