Sunday, May 06, 2007

bookmark of the week

With all this Sartre it seemed apt to dig out a bookmark that was purchased in a castle in Britanny. Don't ask for a translation I've no idea but it looks good.


Craig said...

"Everything falls into the void, ages, extinguishes, and meets its end. Man dies, iron rusts, wood rots (the turns - not sure what this means in context), walls collapse and fall, roses wilt. Not one name is sung long after the tomb if it isn't celebrated in a clerk's book. It's the quill that gives immortality to man."

Sebastien said...

A translation (not mine):

"All things to nothingness descend,
Grow old and die and meet their end,
Man dies, iron rusts, wood goes decayed,
Flowers fall, walls crumble, roses fade...

Nor long shall any name resound
Beyond the grave, unless 't be found
In some clerk's book, it is the pen
Gives immortality to men."

-- Master Wace, XIIc

Sebastien said...

Actually, considering the name, possibly the original and the french a translation.

Craig said...

Thanks for finding the original. That works a lot better than my translation of a translation. But I'm glad to see that I didn't get anything completely wrong.

simon quicke said...

Thank you both Craig and Sebastien much appreciated.