Saturday, April 14, 2007

Tying up some loose ends

There has been quite a bit of stuff I have wanted to write about over the last week but because of the pressure of work - it is one of the hardest weeks for a weekly magazine because of the bank holidays - there hasn't been a chance. But the next few posts should rectify the situation giving me a chance to write a bit more about Gormenghast, comment on the Google fear factor raised in the Guardian this time last week and put my two penneth in on the Telegraph's literature census.

Plus there will be a review of the Chekhov short story collection which reminds me to mention the Radio 4 short story prize which is being promoted all next week and got a mention on the Today programme yesterday with Monica Ali praising the short story medium.

That's all to come over the rest of the weekend, but first I'm off to spend the day in Cambridge with family...

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