Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lunchtime read: Selected Stories

Only one story today because it is quite long and maybe it is tiredness but it seems more difficult than usual to follow names and get a feel for the environment. Still there is enough going on with a discussion about what it is to be Russian, comments about the benefits and limitations of education and a man who has realised the nature of women and believes he can learn from them.

On The Way
A group of travellers meets in an in on a stormy night and one man decides to use it as a venue to open his soul to a female traveller and tell her how he has lost everything as a result of being a dreamer. The woman reacts with friendliness but is disturbed to find the traveller is heading for a job running a mine for her Uncle, who she says is a depot. He says he does not care but as she leaves she exchanges a glance with him that is meant to make him think again.

More tomorrow…

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