Monday, April 09, 2007

Lunchtime read: Selected Stories

Today has been full on with castles, sword fights and a barbeque so getting any reading done has been almost impossible. Running around after two kids is exhausting and my reward after doing it for four days is to go back into a very heavy week at work. Still at least the reading should get back towards normal.

Here are some more highlights from the Chekhov short story collection

The Troublesome Guest
A forester and a hunter a talking when all of a sudden they hear the cries of a woman in distress in the woods. Instead of wanting to go and help the Forester’s firs reaction is to bolt the door to make sure the robbers don’t come for him. The hunter strides out into the storm and helps her and is on the brink of shooting the cowardly forester when he returns but instead strides off into the night.

Not Wanted

A man heads for the country to spend some time with his family but clearly is in the way when he arrives and only useful because of his wallet and is annoyed all day by persistent questions from his son about mosquito’s and why they suck blood – something that the family seem to be doing to the man both in terms of money and mental destruction.

More tomorrow and for the rest of the week…

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