Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lunchtime read: The High Window

Death seems to be one step ahead of Marlowe this time claiming the coin dealer before the private detective can question him further. Then the police start to pressure him to reveal the complete details of the case he is working on.

Highlights from chapters fourteen to seventeen

* There is an odd moment when Marlowe takes the coin into a pawn shop and trades it for $15 and then heads off to see the dealer only to discover that he is on the floor behind his desk with a fatal gunshot wound

* He then heads back to his office and is visited by the police who spell it out to him that although he is known by figures in the force and to a certain degree tolerated they feel his has to share the details of the case with him

* Marlowe pumps them for information and discovers that the private detective did not appear to be working on a case and instead was a failure and barely kept a job down

* In between making drinks for the police and getting grilled he gets a call to go and speak to one of the criminals that seems to have links to the woman who Marlowe is trying to track down

With two murders and the tension from the police mounting what will happen next for Marlowe? More tomorrow…

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