Saturday, April 21, 2007

Age of Reason - post III

Things didn’t quite go according to plan yesterday and a business lunch that started at 1pm ended at somewhere around the 9.30pm mark. Good company and very pleasant red wine meant that not only did I fail to be in a position to read anything on the train home but after I managed to convince my wife making me sleep in the garage was a bad idea I had to crawl upstairs and leave the blog alone.

Of course I could have mentioned Sartre and my sense of a search for freedom but I sense Sartre might not have had a wife like mine.

Bullet points between pages 134 – 176

* After discovering the Daniel is involved with boys and seems to be a man that walks on a thin line between trying to control and suppress his desires and actually carrying them out the focus falls back on Marcelle

* Daniel visits her and explains that he know she is pregnant and then because of a hatred and jealously of his outlook on life and freedom Daniel manages to pull out of Marcelle the desire to keep the baby

* Daniel’s plan is to force Mathieu into a marriage he does not want and that seems to be going very well as she allows him to become a go between with Mathieu and herself and you sense that Mathieu does have some idea of this sort of impending decision because he keeps muttering to himself about marriage and the age of reason

Will he be forced into fatherhood and marriage? Reading starts again on Monday…

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