Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Titus Groan - post III

Steerpike starts to worm his way into a secure position and there is a hint of potential trouble to come because of his interest in poisons as well as his ability to manipulate people after finding out what it is they want to hear.

The world of Gormemghast reminds you a bit of Harry Potter, in terms of the castle and its numerous rooms and staircases and in some respects a thriller with Swelter planning to kill archrival Flay.

Bullet points between pages 112 – 162

* Having been discovered in the attic Steerpike convinces Fuchsia that she wants to help him find employment and he tags along as the nannie and Fuchsia visit the doctor who he sweet talks into delaying booting him out

* Steerpike stays and ingratiates himself not just with the doctor but also with his sister who finds stirrings of feelings she hasn’t had for years as the young man treats her like a woman

* Things then switch back to Flay who discovers by watching Swelter through his window that the chef is planning to kill him with a double-edged cleaver by sneaking up on him in his sleep

* Steerpike sees a chance to further is social climbing as the Earl of Groan’s sisters the twins arrive to visit the doctor and the young man feeds on their fear of losing all power and position to the countess

More, hopefully in terms of pages as well as story, tomorrow…

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