Saturday, March 17, 2007

The premier snob test

Not much in the papers today of a literary nature but there was one story that caught the eye in the Independent that could be a great benchmark to work out how much of a literary snob you are.

When a bunch of premiership football players were asked to list their favourite books an outstanding number opted for something that in a bookshop would be sold in the children’s section. This fact could be used to create a simple snob test:

a. The titles chosen confirm footballer’s have a mental age of around 12
b. Thank goodness they are reading something
c. With all the effort it takes to score a goal well done for managing a comic novel

If you answer a then you are a literary snob, b on the fence or c probably someone who had a trial for a football team but never made it

Being serious though at least these role models are becoming reading champions and hopefully their readers will start where they are but quickly outpace them and move onto something a bit more demanding…


brandon said...

Interesting. I answered B, so I guess that makes me a fence-sitter. Which isn't surprising.

simon quicke said...

I'm on it with you Brandon suffering splinters