Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The joy of reading Bovary style

One of the things about reading is that you are always on the look out for quotes in books that amplify what you feel about the reading experience. There is a great quote in Madame Bovary that comes when Leon the lawyers clerk tells Madame Bovary why he enjoys sitting down with a good book while the wind batters the windows

“Without leaving one’s chair, one travels in imagination through many lands. One becomes one with what one is reading. One revels in its details and conforms to the pattern of its adventures. One becomes identified with the characters of the story, so that one seems to feel with their hearts and to wear their clothes.” Pg 78

Great description that one feels that one has to agree with

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Reader Scott said...

He sure did say the word 'one' often, but it did capture the feeling of reading well.

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