Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lunchtime read: The Tales of Ivan Belkin

Another story from the pen of Pushkin and this time it is like a macabre fairy tale, with a great illustration (scanned in) that adds to the nightmare.

The Undertaker
Adrian the undertaker has just moved into a new house which he is very pleased with when his neighbour a German calls on his and his daughters to join him the day after for a meal to celebrate his wedding anniversary. As they make toasts someone makes a joke at the undertaker’s expense asking him why he doesn’t raise a toast to his dead customers. He returns home in a rage and says he will not invite any of them to his house warming and would rather have all of his dead customers there. He returns home that night to find his house full of skeletons all coming in response to his invitation. He faints and then comes round to be told by his housekeeper it was all a drunken dream.

More tomorrow…

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