Friday, February 16, 2007

Lunchtime read: The Pearl

Things go from bad to worse for poor old Kino as the greed and anger bubble up and result in reducing all of his options except that of leaving the village

Chapter five

The pearl potentially could destroy the family so Kino’s wife heads down to the shore to throw it back into the sea but her husband catches her and hits her then heads off back home

His wife returns from the shore to find Kino covered in blood coming too on the path and a dead man next to him, who she quickly hides in the bush, but they know now that they have to leave

Kino tells her to pack everything and he goes to get his canoe but discovers his most treasured possession has been punched in and as he heads back he sees the flames of his house burning and gets his wife and child to hide with him in his brother’s house

They hide all day and as evening comes get ready to set off to another city to escape the death that surely awaits them if they stay

Last chapter tomorrow…

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