Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lunchtime read: Aimez-vous Brahms...

Years ago in a pub I bumped into someone from Paris who although not that much older than me informed me that British men did not know how to make love and the French were the best lovers in the world. Fine, all stereotypical stuff, but what stayed with me was his unwarranted advice about older women. “Older women are great but just don’t be there when they wake up,” he said referring to the effects that natural light and smudged make-up can create. Never had the chance to put his advice to the test but it looks like Simon will if he manages to pin Paule down…

Chapter three
Roger wants it both ways with Paule on the end of a string and his flings with girls but he gets a shock when Simon sits with them at a bar and starts being forward with Paule before drinking far too much and talking nonsense before being taken home

Chapter four
Simon surprises her as she decorates a shop window and asks her out for lunch and attempts to discover a bit more about her relationship with Roger and impress himself on her a bit more

Chapter five
Roger is meant to take Paule away for a weekend but cancels and lies about work while he goes with someone else and that leaves Paule at a loose end so she decides to visit Simon’s mother and as she is leaving bumps into Simon who blocks her passage for a second increasing the sexual tension by a notch

More tomorrow…

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