Friday, February 02, 2007

Lunchtime read: The Accompanist post IV

As her employer continues an affair the jealous but confused Sonechka plans to kill the husband with his revolver hidden in a study but decides against it but discovers that the next day he uses it himself to end his own life. The relationship between accompanist and singer starts to unravel and in the end they part.

Highlights from pages 69 – 94 (chapters eight, nine and ten)

* Convinced that Maria is having an affair with Ber, Sonechka follows them and her suspicions are confirmed in a café but she feels this impotent rage to get Maria in trouble so plans to tell the husband

* But the husband suddenly announces he is going away to England for ten days on business and so her plans are stalled but she then sees him sitting in the rain in a square follows him home and discovers him dead in his study having shot himself

* Maria prefers to blame money troubles but knows the real cause and before too long is heading to America with Bers who becomes her accompanist, manager and husband leaving no room in her life for Sonechka

* After Maria goes to the US Sonechka stays in Paris and becomes a pianist with a Cinema three-piece and lives on the bread line and is surprised when Mitenka arrives and pities her because she failed to meet her potential

“No matter hoe many times people tell me that a worm could never aspire to world greatness, I’ll never stop waiting and telling myself: you can’t die, can’t let up, not as long as one person is still walking on this earth. There is still one debt which, maybe, one day, you will recover…if there is a God.” Pg 94

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