Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Struggling to find the right bedtime story

There is quite a responsibility being a parent around the issue of reading because you want to do what is best but it is not always easy. Coming home from work having fallen asleep reading your own book sometimes it is just too much to then smile through the repetitive stuff targeting five year olds. But it is important and I really want to try harder.

Part of the reason is a fear that you are letting them down. The National Literacy Trust started its Family Reading Campaign yesterday, there was some coverage in The Independent, trying to encourage parents to not just leave the reading to parents and read at bedtime and spread the joy of reading.

My problem is that I dream about getting a bedtime reading going but am not quite sure where to start. C.S Lewis’s The Magician’s Nephew seemed like a good idea but I am now thinking of starting The Hobbit but is that the right sort of thing for a five year old? Advice would be great because the will is there it’s just going down the right way that is now the issue.

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