Friday, January 26, 2007

Street of Crocodiles - post III

The father, who must have been an amazing character in real life, ends the book with more strange behaviour and episodes that again if they were not being told through the eyes of a child would be a great deal more sinister.

Bullet points between 130 – 160

The family is swept up in a craze for electronics which becomes an obsession for the father who starts to carry out various experiments to get bells to ring and objects to change form

There is then a very disturbing segment when Uncle Edward comes to stay from the country and allows the father complete free reign and becomes a bell that in the end dies in circumstances that are disturbing

The City becomes fixated on a comet that they believe is going to come and wipe out the earth and it is during this period that Uncle Edward keeps sounding the alarm and to quote the book “bleeds himself white”

During the mass panic about the end of the world the father takes to putting his head up the chimney and sending his mind out to the stars and the moon, which he discovers is in the shape of a human brain

The book ends with the father smiling to himself after another look into the chimney where secrets and visions reside

Full review to come shortly…

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