Wednesday, January 10, 2007

East of Eden - post X

There are less than 100 pages left and the tension is building as this book reaches its climax and some characters decide its all too much and opt to go and meet their maker rather than hang around until the end.

Bullet points between pages 578 – 676

* Kate becomes obsessed by Ethel and pays Joe to go and find her in a bid to silence her but Joe guesses that there is something he can use here so lies to Kate about where Ethel has gone planning to get contol of the brothel eventually off her

* Meanwhile Aron has become devoted to the church but takes his exams early and goers to college and Cal forms a partnership with Will Hamilton to try and buy his father’s love by getting his money back that he lost on the frozen cabbage venture

* Aron puts Abra on a pedestal and she feels like falling off to make sure that what he has fallen in love with is more reality than a dream and talks to Lee about their relationship but still expects to become his wife

* Aron goes to college but is homesick and comes home for Thanksgiving braced to tell his father that he wants to drop out but instead finds the family and its expectations too much but Cal is hoping to win the day by handing out $15,000 to his father

* Adam refuses the money and tells Cal, who has made it selling beans for the soldiers in France, that he is exploiting the war and the farmers and upsets his son who in his anger takes Aron to meet Kate

* The next day a heartbroken Aron enlists and Kate who is surrounded by people she fears and mistrusts decides to take her own life leaving everything to Aron but before she goes she shops Joe to the police and when they come foe him the next day he dies after being shot while trying to escape

What will happen to Adam, Lee, Aron and Cal? The final chunk of the book will have the answers…

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