Thursday, January 04, 2007

East of Eden - post V

Although you sense what is coming with the murder of the madam Faye by Cathy the way she goes about it is chilling and her body count is now up to three and it would have been four if Lee had not come back and stopped Adam bleeding to death

Bullet points between pages 232 - 312

* Samuel goes to help Cathy have her babies and in an odd encounter she bites his hand so hard she tears flesh and it bleeds and all through the birth of her twins she shows no emotion and at the end asks for them to be taken away

* She ignores the twins and keeps this image of quiet reserve up even when Samuel sends his wife Liza to help and things come to a head when Cathy sends Lee away and asks the workers to leave them alone

* Adam hears her rustling around in her room and asks her to unlock the door to discover that she is dressed and ready to leave him and after he argues leaves but comes back into argue with her she shoots him in the shoulder and leaves

* The story runs parallel from that point with Adam a ghost of himself letting the house go to ruin and ignoring the twins while Cathy becomes a whore and starts to ingratiate herself with the madam slowly poisoning her until she finally takes her life

* There is a passage about how calculating she is about murder – prepared to take her time and work around obstacles – that gives a chilling insight into her psychopathic tendencies

* Meanwhile Samuel meets Lee and discovers that the twins have still been unnamed and so he gets ready to visit Adam to try and beat him out of his mental stupor

You sense that Adam is key to Cathy being discovered and if possible saved but first he needs to be brought back to life himself. More tomorrow…

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