Saturday, December 02, 2006

The temptation of a $2 rate

A few years ago on a business trip to the US, Boston to be precise, a colleague of mine literally ran straight off the plane into a branch of Barnes & Noble to get books that were not only cheaper than the UK but had a slightly US spin on the choices on offer. He staggered out of the shop with two arms cradling a pile of books up to his chin with a wide smile on his face. No doubt he is now sat in front of a screen buying as much as he can as the dollar and pound exchange rate hits new highs.

I have to confess a temptation myself to head onto the web (there was a great store near where my parents live in Naperville Illinois called the Bookzeller, which now trades only online, and that might be worth a visit) to try to pick up the first book in the Robert Caro Johnson biography series plus a whole lot's time for the bank account to brace itself.

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