Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lunchtime read: The Shadow-Line post II

This can hardly be called a lunchtime post but anyway until I get back to posting at the right time here here are the highlights from chapter two

Chapter two

* Having been given a command of the boat the narrator heads back to the seaman's hostel and discovers that the steward had been trying to shoehorn his troublesome guest Hamilton into the job to get rid of him

* Captain Giles, who seems to know all about the intrigue, is pleased for him in a subdued way and walks with him to the boat carrying him to the port to meet up with his boat and because he is three hours late the captain of the steamer is hostile towards him for the entire trip

* He trembles when he first sees the boat he will command and boards her with a mixture of pride and trepidation and starts to look arund her and hears a humming from below which stops as soon as he starts to descend the stairs

More hopefully close to a recognisable lunchtime tomorrow...

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