Saturday, December 30, 2006

East of Eden - post II

Despite the easily accessible nature of the story I am struggling to get through this book quickly. It is not helped of course by sitting around drinking with family and no doubt it will be impossible to do anything on New Year’s Eve but at least I’m trying. Things will improve when I go back to work on Tuesday.

Bullet points between pages 44 – 76

* Most of these pages are devoted to following the development of the two brothers Charles and Adam with the jealously between them being put on hold as Adam joins the army leaving Charles at home after his father goes to Washington and his mother dies

* Despite not really enjoying army life Adam re-enlists after his five years are up because he would rather do that than go home and in the meantime Charles has become a whoring untidy loner

* Then there is a short chapter about the Hamiltons and the children with two sons being outgoing like their father – Joe and Tom - plus a couple who are conservative and successful -George and Will

* Then the focus shifts back to the brothers who have become rich after their father’s death but Adam has become a hobo and wires Charles to ask for some money so he can finally make his way home after thirteen years of absence

Maybe more tomorrow…

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