Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ulysses - post II

This book is not getting any easier and some of the stream of consciousness stuff is hard to understand but you have to stick with it because underneath it all the characters and the story are emerging.

Bullet pointes between pages 63 – 131

* Having introduced Stephen Dedalus the focus shifts onto Leopold Bloom who sells adverts and you are introduced to his social circle, which includes Stephen’s father Simon because they all attend a funeral

* There are dream like moments that are interspersed with dialogue so you get surreal moments when Bloom imagines what it would be like if his friends coffin fell off the hearse and opened

* Throughout the service and afterwards Bloom’s thoughts invade the story and it is obvious why some people have linked this as a book that should appeal to those people who liked Proust

* The text then becomes inventive with short parts of the story headlined like a series of newspaper stories as the scene moves from the funeral to the newspaper offices where Bloom and the others are getting the adverts and the copy ready to be printed

Despite the challenge of sticking with it you want to read on because you want to see how these characters develop and if they overlap

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