Monday, November 13, 2006

Ulysses - post I

I have read in numerous places that Ulysses is a difficult book and no more difficult than at the start when a reader has to cope with struggling to get to grips with the style James Joyce uses.

This is the first book of the five I have chosen for the Winter Reading Challenge and so the aim is to get through it and still have time for the other four before Christmas.

Bullet points from pages 7 – 62

* The story starts with the focus on a couple of men living in a tower but the focus sharpens more on Stephen Dedalus who is in debt, appears to be struggling to exist as an non-believer in a religious Ireland and spends his time when he gets the chance drinking with his friends

* He is teaching, getting paid for his troubles, and then is a sequence he goes to the beach and this is where it gets difficult because you get a stream of consciousness with words rhyming and appearing to be whizzing around jumping from thought to thought

* Then chapter one ends and a second major character Leopold Bloom is introduced who seems to be in different circumstances from Stephen with more money and he exists in a different world in Dublin with traders and shopkeepers the people he meets rather than fellow free-thinking friends

More tomorrow…

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piksea said...

You have my good thoughts and wishes for a successful reading of Ulysses. I struggled with this book for ages. I hope you are reading the corrected text. It's not bad enough that Joyce can make your head swim with his stream of consciousness style and lack of punctuation, but it's compounded by all the changes that were made over time to the text by printers and editors.